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Mozhdeh Martial Arts

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Lil Tigers

🐯 4 - 7 YRS

Tiny Tigers program is a great tools for getting your child started on a lifelong course

• Refining and developing gross and fine motor skills through martial arts training;
• Improving Agility, balance and overall coordination to assist with body control and injury prevention
• Building positive attitudes towards physical activity
• Strengthening fundamental values of respect, self-control and discipline
• Promoting confidence through team-building exercises and leadership building activities

This programme is  suitable for children aged 4-7 years old.


🥋 8 - 12 YRS

Our Juniors Taekwondo Program is targeted for teens and adults looking to learn the art of Taekwondo. The program enhances all aspects of martial arts  training and self-defence. The Juniors classes are designed to improve technique and wellbeing, also encourages students to strive to achieve their goals.

Getting your child involved in physical activity at an early age is important for their growth and development. Its a great way to in still values like integrity, courtesy, and respect. Suitible for 8 -12 years old.

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Teens & Adults Taekwondo

🥋 12 YRS & Above

Step into a transformative journey with Mozhdeh Martial Arts' specially crafted program for adults and teens. Our curriculum seamlessly weaves the timeless traditions of martial arts with modern techniques, providing a comprehensive and dynamic training experience. Focused on instilling values such as discipline, integrity, and perseverance, our program goes beyond physical fitness. Whether you're a seasoned practitioner or a beginner, our welcoming environment encourages everyone to strive for greatness and kick for success. Join Mozhdeh Martial Arts and embrace a holistic approach to martial arts that inspires progress and cultivates a path to excellence for both teens and adults.



🥋 Sparring Team

Olympic Taekwondo classes are for Martial Artists looking to take their training to a higher and more practical level. Comp Training program provides a pathway to compete at a Club, State, National, International or Olympic level.

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🥊 12 & Above

A great workout for everyone interested in improving their fitness & stamina. This class is flexible to serve the needs of all students – it will get beginners into shape, it will challenge advanced athletes, & both men & women are welcome!



🎂 4 YRS & Above

Mozhdeh Martial Arts loves organising birthday parties and here are a couple of ideas that will get you started for your next birthday. All your guest will learn all aspects of Taekwondo from kicking punching and self-defence. We have all the catering taken care of just invite your guest and we will take care of the rest.

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