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Mozhdeh Martial Arts


About Mozhdeh Martial Arts

Where Tradition Inspires Success

Mozhdeh Martial Arts, a family-oriented business dedicated to teaching the Korean art of Taekwondo, believes in the tenets of Taekwondo, fostering Discipline, Integrity, Confidence, Perseverance, Loyalty, Respect, and Gratitude. Our approach emphasises Taekwondo as a non-aggressive and ethical
self-defense system that offers enjoyable fitness for the entire family. In our classes, we create a welcoming and supportive environment where everyone can learn and grow, priding ourselves on the fusion of traditional and modern styles. Our curriculum is meticulously designed to provide a comprehensive and balanced training experience, harmonizing the rich heritage of traditional martial arts with the efficiency and dynamism of modern techniques. Join us at Mozhdeh Martial Arts to embark on a holistic Martial Arts journey


Arash Mozhdeh

Head Instructor

Head Instructor Arash is a former Iranian National Team member and is now in training to represent Australia in the World Championship 2023 Baku and the Olympic Games 2024.


-World Taekwondo President Cup Gold medalist

- Costa Rica World International Open G2 Bronze Medalist

-Montenegro World International Open G2 Silver Medalist

-Greece Open Bronze Medalist
- 3 Times Oceania Championships Gold Medalist

- World Taekwondo President Cup Bronze Medalist

- World International Serbian open G1 Gold Medalist

-Riga World International Open G2 Bronze Medalist

-Dutch open Bronze Medalist

-Malaysia Open Silver Medalist
-Bahrain Open Gold Medalist
-Iran Open (Fajr) Silver Medalist
-Australian Open Silver Medalist
- 4 consecutive Australian Representative at World Championships
-Bahrain Open Silver Medalist
-10 time Australian National Champion
-5th Degree kukkiwon Black Belt in Taekwondo

-Master Trainer Qualification
-diploma of sports developments

-Cert 4 Personal Trainer
-Cert 3 Fitness Instructor
-Experienced in Boxing, Kickboxing & Muay Thai
-Full work certificate as issued by the VIC

Commission for Children And Young People
-Qualified Head Instructor


Behnaz Mozhdeh

Head Coach

Behnaz mozhdeh is Former Iranian Female National team Coach. 

Coach Behnaz has an Internationally recognised record of achievements as a Taekwondo coach. she unquestionably is an asset to MMA Family and her aim is to help all our members to achieve their goals and create a respectful world quality Taekwondo Athletes.

Coach Behnaz nominated the best  Female coach in Iran 2 years in a row 2017 , 2018 with a brilliant result at the worlds and international level.

Success of Behnaz and her Athletes Includes:

- Silver at Manchester World Champs.

-3 Medals at Junior World Champs, Egypt .

-4 Medals at Asian championship, Vietnam.

-Gold At Asian President's Cup 2019.

-5th Degree Taekwondo Black Belts From Kukkiwon, Korea.

-Full work certificate as issued by the VIC Commission for Children And Young People

-Qualified Head Instructor.


Makayla Giovaniello


Makayla Giovaniello with 10 years of experience in Martial Arts training and Taekwondo. 

Makayla" starting at the age of 8, Taekwondo has always been a major part of my life. I have been privileged enough to achieve many goals and hopefully many more through both competitions and personal growth. I am now lucky enough to teach Taekwondo and watch my students grow into strong, respectful and confident  fighters just like I did. I can't wait to see how much they can achieve and I hope they take the values of the sport Taekwondo with them into the futures".

-3rd Degree Kukkiwon Black Belt in Taekwondo

- Oceania Championship Fiji Gold Medalist

- 5 Times Taekwondo National Championships

- International Aus open & President Cup Champion

- And many Nationals & State Medals




Fred pace with 15 years of experience in Taekwondo and Martial arts training ''I begun Taekwondo as a reserved child at the tender age of 6 years old. Since my very first class I fell in-love with the sport and haven’t looked back! Taekwondo has taught me a vast amount of life lessons that I will carry through my life and I will be forever grateful that my parents signed me up to a martial art. As an instructor at MMA it is a pleasure to see the students develop into superb martial artists. It is a joy to see each student push themselves to their own limits and boundaries. Through this it keeps me on my toes and passionate for my own improvement! As every child learns in different ways, it gives me great thrill to see the passion the students display as they are learning the craft of Taekwondo. If my students walk away with one or two things out of Taekwondo and martial arts then I am confident that they will live a positive and productive life.

-2 Times Oceania Champion

- 7 time National Champion

- Australian open and Presidents cup gold medalist

- Cadet world champion fighter in Korea

-Senior world champion fighter in Mexico


Shahnaz Mozhdeh


With over three decades of dedicated experience in the art of Taekwondo, Coach Shahnaz brings a wealth of expertise and accolades to our team. A distinguished 5th Dan Black Belt holder, Coach Shahnaz's remarkable journey includes numerous triumphs both nationally and internationally. Notably, Coach Shahnaz clinched the title of Best Australian Taekwondo Junior Referee at the National Championships in both 2022 and 2018, showcasing exceptional skill and commitment to the sport. Hailing from Iran, Coach Shahnaz boasts a decorated history as a member of the national Taekwondo team, having secured numerous gold and silver medals in prestigious student competitions across the country. Furthermore, Coach Shahnaz holds esteemed credentials as a Taekwondo International referee, attaining the First Level Referee License in Australia. With a passion for excellence and a proven track record of success, Coach Shahnaz is dedicated to guiding and inspiring students to reach their full potential in the world of Taekwondo.

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