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About Mozhdeh Martial Arts

Mozhdeh Martial Arts stands as one of the most leading martial arts studios in Australia and Oceania, renowned for its exceptional reputation and staffed by a team of highly skilled and qualified instructors.

At Mozhdeh Martial Arts, we take pride in offering a fusion of traditional and modern styles in our Taekwondo and martial arts programs. Our curriculum is meticulously designed to deliver a comprehensive and balanced training experience that seamlessly blends the rich heritage of Korean traditional martial arts with the efficiency and dynamism of modern techniques. We are passionate about teaching the art of Taekwondo to individuals and families, focusing on the core tenets, including Discipline, Integrity, Confidence, Perseverance, Loyalty, Respect, and Gratitude. Our belief is that Taekwondo, as a non-aggressive and ethical system of self-defense, can provide both fun and fitness for the whole family. Join us to experience the numerous benefits of Taekwondo training at Mozhdeh Martial Arts.

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At Mozhdeh Martial Arts, we are a family-oriented business. We believe in creating a community of like-minded individuals who support and motivate each other to achieve their goals.


Our certified instructors are dedicated to motivating and inspiring you to be the best version of yourself. They will push you to your limits and help you achieve your goals.

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We are committed to helping you achieve your fitness and self-defense goals. Our training programs are designed to challenge you and provide visible results in your physical abilities and mental strength.


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Our daughter has been attending for 2 years and the team are fantastic and supportive for all ages and skill ability. It's great to have instructors who are either active competitors at taekwando championship events or referees at those events. Highly recommend.
Amazing club. Very friendly and supportive team with professional and world class coaches and instructors. Kid’s program builds kid’s self-confidence along with their fitness. They love it. Highly recommend!
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